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Why Obese People are going to Save the World and the Fitness Industry

By Dr. Cam McDonald


What would you say if I told you that some people are designed to be obese, and it actually is very healthy for them to register as obese?

Have you ever thought that there might be an incredible and useful reason why some people store and conserve body weight more easily? 

And are you aware that the reason some people hold weight is the same reason that many of us are actually walking around on the planet and didn’t die in the last famine?

Different bodies are DESIGNED to be a different size, some skinny and lean, others lean and muscular, some tall, some broad, and some are actually designed to be a certain height and weight that registers a higher BMI!

The key to understanding the body in front of you, and how to help it reach it’s personal potential is to know that:

  1. Every ‘BODY’ is different.
  2. There is a very good reason why some people find it easier to store weight compared to others. 
  3. Understanding this will allow you to have a greater insight into every area of your clients’ lives and create positive change that is lasting.

Let’s take the typical obese body – the type of body that has been protecting our community as long as we have evolved! They have thick joints, wrists, neck, ankles, they have significant muscle mass covered by a significant layer of fat tissue as well. Generally, they are a stout body and have always been that way. Genetically, they were born with a predisposition to have a stronger and thicker skeleton, more muscle tissue AND a greater capacity to store fat tissue; throughout their life, they have been fighting a losing battle with the fat tissue (or so the skinny culture would make them feel).

In order to develop a bigger body, compared to a skinny body you need a very different physiology to create bigger structures and a different metabolism. Higher levels of prolactin, more sensitivity to insulin and more IGF-1 (both growth factors) are needed. Prolactin helps you gain weight, and produce breast milk when appropriate (pro-lactation), but it’s also found in both healthy guys and non-breastfeeding women. In higher amounts, it not only adds weight but naturally makes you focus on everyone else’s goals and not focus on yourself – i.e. you put others’ needs first.

Essentially, prolactin makes you more nurturing…

If you are finding this conversation interesting and want to know more about the role of prolactin both physically and behaviourally, as well as how to get a result and motivate people that have naturally bigger bodies, you can read the rest of the article over at the FITREC website here.

A big thanks to our partners FITREC for having us join the conversation and supporting the fitness industry in raising the bar through education and support networks, something we strongly align with. 

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