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Why Getting to Know Your Client Matters

By Nat Howard, BA Dip Edu


It’s a pretty basic statement, yet it’s something that can be so overlooked. Getting to know your client matters. No matter what field you’re working in, you need to know them.


You might think that’s easier said than done. You have time limitations. You have scores of clients to work with. And really, you’re not making friends, you’re helping people get results. Long heart to hearts aren’t exactly relevant. What is relevant though, is knowing what actually makes your client tick – why are they there? What turns on their motivation and what disengages their commitment?


Fortunately, there’s a precision health system that can tell you exactly that. And more.


The Natural Zone v Comfort Zone


It is essential to know where someone’s “natural zone” really is – mentally and physically. I’m not talking about a “comfort zone” here. It’s true that we can, and should, push beyond our comfort zones, when we are properly ready for it. This is how we grow, mentally and physically. But we have to get the conditions right – the place, the type, timing, and experience of the “push.” 


The tricky thing for anyone in a training, coaching or behaviour change role is being able to answer the question – what is just “comfort” that really can be overcome here, and what is really this person’s natural zone where they actually belong?


It could be a struggle over morning workouts. You could be hammering the pros of it, the person could be really wanting to try because they really do want the weight loss, fitness etc – but it’s just killing them. Eventually they just can’t show up anymore. Is this just them staying in a comfort and not changing, or is it something about their natural zone?


For some people, intense morning exercise spikes their cortisol, thereby increasing their stress, and perpetuating retaining weight and continuing to turn to coping behaviours that may be less-than-ideal. 


It could be  a struggle over committing to a set routine or program. You get it all planned out for them, and just a couple of weeks in they’re flaking, they’re bored or irritable, and they’re just not seeing it through. Is this them resisting commitment, a sign they just need to be “whipped into shape” and made to stick to something? 


For some people, their physiology is such that long term is just a no. It’s too much, too overwhelming, too boring. These are people who thrive on spontaneity, variety and the freedom to always be able to change things up. This is their natural zone. 


It could be someone who resists group experiences. You could have an awesome group offering, people have a blast and get great results, but for some reason you just can’t sell it to this person. Is it that they just need to shake it off already and get out of their comfort zone and mix with some high vibe people already?


For some people, social interaction can be a distraction and even a detraction. Their goals are not to mix and mingle and shake about. Their goals are for independent, focused execution of tasks. And they may be quite direct with you about the group offering you’re trying to push on them. AS grating as this may be if this isn’t your zone, and may feel like a personal stab at the awesome experiences you have to offer – it’s just that this really is this person’s natural zone.


How can you know though?


Knowing your client doesn’t have to mean lots of time and conversation. You can find essential, in depth data about everything from their natural brain function, to the kind of environment they need, to their social needs and preferences, as well as their physical needs including timing, type of exercise, foods and sleep. Al of this is in the Shae™ app profile. Couple this industry leading AI technology, the only app of its kind, with our precision training in our PHA course, and you can become the best precision health provider in your field. Sign up for the next course here

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