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Tanya Jones


My name is Tanya Jones and one of my biggest passions is understanding your gut health. I have been on the patient side of many gut health specialist desks, looking for answers to my pain after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 19 years old. I found my way to Natural Health and Precision Health and was blown away by this world of healing. I wish I knew just a smidge of what I now know about the gut and what it needs to work properly, so that is my goal for you.  To meet you at whatever stage you are at, hold your hand and guide you through the maze of misinformation and confusion to a timeless shift in your health and vitality.  I am able to work with you on a variety of health concerns including joint pain, skin conditions, low immune function, headaches and migraines, period and reproductive problems, and thyroid and hormonal imbalances. Though in particular, I love unravelling your complex digestive health and how it impacts all chronic diseases and autoimmune conditions.