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Susan Robbins

Epigenetic Human Performance Coach

Epigenetic Human Performance Coach, Certified DNA Coach, Endorsed PH360 Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

I am Susan, an Epigenetics Human Performance Coach and owner of Healthy Awakening. I was not always the fit and healthy person I am today. I made poor food and lifestyle choices when I was younger, not knowing the massive impact it would have on me later in life. In fact, I lived sub-optimally for so long that I didn’t know what it was like to feel amazing! 

Once I had a taste of feeling good, I began a quest for optimal health. Through this journey, I discovered a passion to help my clients eliminate the guesswork and know exactly what it takes for them to fully thrive.

I now combine the veritable “User Manual” for each client’s biology and psychology available through Shae ™ with DNA testing to help each person harness the power of their own genetic code. You simply cannot get more information on how you were created. I help clients from all walks of life implement their unique data to achieve lasting results.

We truly don’t know how good we can feel until we feel great!