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Phone: 0467095827

Sharna McKay

Personalised Health Coach

As a Mind-Body Connection Expert, I’ve spent 14 years navigating the intricacies of health, shedding layers of misguided perceptions. 

Through Precision Health Assessments (PHA), I discovered the transformative power of understanding my unique health type. 

This journey not only elevated my personal well-being but also sharpened my professional impact. 

Now, as a Personalised Health Coach and Bio Hacking Specialist, I guide leaders to shed their own layers, unlocking the potential within. Embracing my own strengths and weaknesses, I empower others to redefine what’s reasonable to expect from their body and mind. 

Join me in this journey of self-discovery, where I blend science and passion to help you show up as your best self – in coaching, love, and a woman of great presence.