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Dr. Sally Price

Educator - Medical Stream Lead


Clinical Experience
Course Delivery

Currently voluntarily not registered with AHPRA, Sally Price has over 30 years experience in Medicine. With a range of hospital experience, then choosing General Practice, she continued learning & training in Ayurvedic, Nutritional, Environmental & Lifestyle approaches including Functional Medicine. Sally has enjoyed the problem solving approach of Functional Medicine having always enjoyed puzzles and applying herself to finding the cause of illness, as well as the satisfaction of seeing people improve. 

Sally has enjoyed presenting & examining for ACNEM, ASLM, teaching other GP’s and health practitioners and has provided a range of workshops and seminars.

After speaking at ASLM, she was invited to explore ph360 and can see it as a fabulous method to quickly discover the main issues & causes for unwellness, as well as the road back to health. 

Sally is inspired & excited to optimise natural approaches to personalised wellbeing and linking to the current medical system.