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Nevada Thompson

Life Recovery Coach, CBT, DBT, LMT

Hello Amazing Humans! I’m Nevada, a Life Recovery Coach, CBT, DBT practitioner, and licensed massage therapist. Over 26 years ago, I lost control of my life, wellbeing, and happiness due to an autoimmune diagnosis. Seeing five specialists and taking over 18 medications daily left me feeling helpless and vulnerable. But in 2003, I took back control through education and application of naturalistic modalities like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Precision Health Alliance (PHA) has taken this knowledge and combined it into a simple platform, which has been life-changing for many. PHA has given me a global PHAmily, and I’m committed to helping others find their path to optimal health and wellness as a Life Recovery Coach. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experiences, spread Infectious Happiness, and help others take control of their health and live their best lives!