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Phone: 0414 168 853

Lisa Walton

Integrative Family Well-Being Practitioner

I’m a mum to two autistic children, a wife and Engineer turned Integrative Well-being Coach and the energy behind The Dancing Bee Institute. I believe in a society where inclusivity and belonging mean that everyone of us, unapologetically, gets to be themselves. The Dancing Bee Institute has come to life through personal lived experience of mental health challenges, Autism and other neurodivergent diagnoses. It is a neurodiversity-affirming practice that acknowledges the uniqueness in all of us. I’m passionate about allying with families, educators and therapists through precision health education and coaching to inspire radical acceptance of self and others, liberating humans to thrive beyond behaviour labels.

Precision Health has become the anchor for my own personal growth in all aspects of my health and wellbeing, helping me to reconnect with who I am at my core and build much stronger and more resilient relationships with my partner and children.