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Phone: 0406628575

Denielle McKinnon

Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Coach

I am a Mum of 2 beautiful teenage girls, personal trainer and group fitness coach.  I have learnt I was put on this earth to hel;p others, all throughout my working life I have unintentionally found myself working in roles that help others one way or another.


I love supporting others to better understand their strength and learn what they are capable of through knowledge and movement. As a mum, I am excited to be back on the path of self discovery and finding what lights up my spark. I enjoy empowering people who find Physical Activity overwhelming to believe in themselves and work through their fears and engrained limitations, to improve their overall health long term.  I also feel passionate about teaching teenagers about their unique strengths, individuality and  functional movement patterns, to support their long term mental health and physical capabilities. I love being part of the PHA Community, it supports my uniqueness and enables me to constantly learn about others, myself and those closest to me in so many areas of life – so great to be reconnected and a part of this phenomenal movement in health!