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Angela Counsel


I have been a Naturopath for almost 20 years and in that time I have worked in the field of Women’s Health. Helping women have babies, getting their cycles back on track and many other aspects of being a female.  Over the past few years I have shifted my focus to menopause – an under-talked about stage of every woman’s life.  I am on a mission to let as many women as I can know that it is possible to thrive through this time of life and symptoms can be reduced without the use of HRT if this is what they wish to do.  I work with women through a group on-line program called ‘Embrace’.  Hundreds of women have completed the Embrace Program and have achieved fantastic results.  I use the Shae™  platform as the base of the Embrace Program to teach women about how their body works and how they can use the power of Precision Medicine to live the life they desire.