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VP Operations

Zach Stumer

BSc Exercise Science

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Zach is an exercise psychologist, yoga teacher, personal health educator & mentor. Zach began his craft in the world of Exercise Science and has since expanded his knowledge through practical application in the health industry over the last 20 years.

Zach is the owner of Kozen Yoga, practicing as the senior Yoga Instructor, and has recently completed the development of a post-graduate Yoga Teacher Training Program that brings personal health practices into the yoga space.

He is a Precision Health Educator & Mentor for the PHA community who is enthusiastic about learning & curious about everything! With the unique ability to distill complex ideas into easily understood information, Zach has a transformative impact on the wellbeing of his students & clients.

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The better you understand your biology, the healthier, happier and more in flow you feel, which in turn impacts the way you live your life
Zach Stumer
VP Operations

Zach Stumer

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