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PHA Level 1 - Educator

Sage Monkman

BSc Exercise Science

See Sage in action during: PHA Level 1 Courses


Sage holds a Bachelors degree Exercise Scientist with 20 years of demonstrated experience in the wellness and fitness industry skilled in coaching, training and education. 

Sage is particularly skilled in supporting groups and individuals to better understand themselves, and take accountable and tangible action towards their goals

Her vision is for each of us to develop an acceptance of ourselves and the people around us so we are able to take responsibility for what is in our control and accept what is not. For everyone to have deep appreciation for who they are and what they have to offer the world and how to work together to amplify each other’s genius. An understanding that we are designed to operate as a collective and the best thing we have to offer is our true selves.

Coach 50%
Course Delivery
Instructor 50%
Personalised Health encourages each of us to accept our strengths AND weaknesses as biological functions; this empowers us to assume responsibility for ourselves while simultaneously capitalising on our unique gifts and talents.
Sage Monkman
Educator & Coach

Sage Monkman

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