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PHA Level 1 Educator

Robyn Bruce-Mullins

Dip Nutrition & Dietetics, Cert IV Fitness, Reiki Master

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Robyn is a qualified certified nutrition coach, personal trainer, fitness instructor (including aqua) and Reiki master with over 20 years experience in the health and healing arena.  As an ex-police officer, defence force trained specialised operator and corporate financial controller, Robyn knows only too well the effects of everyday stress.  Suffering burnout, she decided to change her life and persue her passion in nutrition, exercise and healing.  

Robyn uses her life and professional experience to encourage others to live their fullest and most healthiest potential through education, guest speaking, workshops and mentoring programs.

Clinical Practice
Clinician 50%
Course Delivery
Instructor 50%
Your health starts with you. You are unique, so understanding everything about you, your mind, your body and your purpose is the best gift you can ever give yourself.
Robuyn Bruce-Mullins
Educator & Clinican

Robyn Bruce-Mullins

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