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Laura Eyles

BPsySc (Hons), Assoc MAPS, MBA student

See Laura in action during: PHA Courses, Levels 1


Laura is a Psychologist with over 14 years of experience in creating positive solutions for people and organisations across Australia and internationally.  Laura has a warm, empathic and energetic communication style, and enjoys supporting people and organisations to construct clear personalised pathways to enhance wellbeing. Laura has a passion for facilitation, learning and presenting; and she has been trained in many therapeutic methods, allowing her to tailor her approach. Laura has a particular interest in occupational challenges (stress, burnout, adjustment) and performance enhancement (executive coaching, leadership, team dynamics, employee engagement and resilience). 

Clinical Practice
Psychologist 80%
Course Delivery
Instructor 20%
My aim is to inspire individuals, whether they be health professionals, parents individuals and organisations in how they can maximise their potential through understanding their unique biology, and the natural strengths that accompany them.
Laura Eyles

Laura Eyles

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