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Community Support

Helen Rintoul

Assoc. Dip. Applied Science – Medical Laboratory Science, Cert III and IV Fitness

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Helen worked in the areas of Microbiology and Hospital Accreditation for 30 years.  In 2015 she left the hospital system and became a Personal and Group fitness instructor.  As a PT she disliked the one size fits all, herd people in and out approach and often found gyms unwelcoming.  Discovering PHA has meant she is able to tailor programs from a personalised health space and has seen her clients achieve far better results.

Helen is an endorsed PHAHealth Coach who joined the PHA team in February where she can blend her administrative skills with helping people.

Community Support
Fitness 75%
Instructor 25%
My aim is to inspire individuals, whether they be health professionals, parents individuals and organisations in how they can maximise their potential through understanding their unique biology, and the natural strengths that accompany them.
Helen Rintoul
Community Support

Helen Rintoul

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