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VP Research

Dr Daniella Remy

MSc (hons) Human Development

See Daniella in action during: PHA Advanced, ProSeries


Dr Daniella develops and maintains Shae’s functional algorithms, working with an international team of professionals in multiple languages to manage the data required for Shae’s continuous growth. Dr Daniella has been a primary driver in the advancement of ph360’s science and technology from Day 1. Her primary focus is to ensure health and wellness recommendations in the app are evidence-based, personalised and accurate. Dr Daniella has earned international respect for her leadership integrating science-based natural medicine into health care delivery. Her research publications cover such topics as Neuropsychological Developments of the Human Mind; with published academic papers on Phenotypical Health Risks, Preventative Medicine and Predictive Health Care; she has contributed to courseware in Osteopathy, Naturopathy, and Embryological Development of Human Physical and Psychological Tendencies, amongst other works.

Research & Development
VP Research 90%
Course Delivery
Instructor 10%
My aim is to inspire individuals, whether they be health professionals, parents individuals and organisations in how they can maximise their potential through understanding their unique biology, and the natural strengths that accompany them.
Daniella Remy
VP Research

Daniella Remy

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