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Claire Akin-Smith


See Claire in action during: PHA Courses, Levels 1


Claire spent several decades in healthcare as a Physiotherapist with extended scope of practice in physical medicine, diagnostics and conservative management strategies. She now uses her significant experience in human behaviour and effective communication to empower individuals, teams and organisations to value and effectively support their people. Her mission is to see people value themselves and each other as part of a sustainable living eco-system where work and community equally thrive in balance with the environment. 

She continues to work as a Movement Specialist recognising the importance of investing physical health to conduct and generate energy required for an individual’s unique needs and purpose. Claire leads by example sharing of her own life journey leaving those she interacts with inspired and able to take action.

Clinical Practice
Physiotherapist 75%
Course Delivery
Instructor 25%
People living and working energised and aligned to their unique biological design will create the best future.
Claire Akin-Smith

Read more about Claire’s community conscious activity at https://wao.co.nz/ourpeople

Claire Akin-Smith

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