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PHA Level 1 Educator

Chris White

Level 4 personal Training, Level 4 Psychology & Counselling, HNC Communications Engineering

See Chris in action during: PHA Level 1 Course, Business Support


A veteran of the RAF and Communications Engineer turned Health coach, Chris’s loves to know how things work and then to share that with those  making a positive change for themselves or others. Qualified to Level 4 as a PT  and Level 4 in Counselling & Psychology, Chris constantly looks to expand his understanding of how to get people into action, for their health, for their Business and for their community.  As such he is well positioned in the role of the PHA’s Business Support Mentor. Helping scores of Allied Health Professionals get started in Health coaching and assisting in the education of 1000+ Health Professionals in Personalised Health globally. Chris also consults in the world of Corporate Wellbeing and has found his passion working with large groups to help them resonate and realise their collective potential.

Coach 60%
Course Delivery
Instructor 40%
Realising potential is all about realising who you are and having the courage to work unwaveringly with that future identity in mind, to be tirelessly committed to your individuation.
Chris White
Coach & Educator

Chris White

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