The ShaeFlix Advantage

Exclusive Live Access to Precision Health Leaders

Directly engage with leading experts during live sessions, staying ahead with the latest research breakthroughs and innovations in your field.

Expert Q&A for Your Complex Cases

Have your challenging client questions answered in real-time by our panel of experts, enhancing your practice with expert-backed solutions.

Learning Library

Gain unlimited access to a comprehensive collection of over 150 hours of specialized training content in health and medical fields.

Professional Networking Opportunities

Connect and collaborate with a dedicated community of health and medical professionals committed to delivering exceptional care and advancing in their careers.

12 Month Curriculum

Experience a year of unparalleled growth with our 12-month curriculum, featuring 12 x 2-hour masterclasses with Dr. Garoli and additional 1-hour sessions each from Dr. Cam, Dr. Remy, and Anne Larsen

Case Intervention

Work with Dr. Garoli on complex client cases. Includes case manager, precision medicine intervention, and 2 x reviews of the case to ensure that the intervention is taking effect, live on the masterclass (Client information is de-identified).

Continued Conversations

Join the exclusive ‘Subscribers only’ Facebook group and continue the conversation with your peers.

Tangible Support

Bonus content from the PHA education team. Watch debriefs of each session where the high-level science is brought down into practical tangibles for you to use immediately.


About ShaeFlix

ShaeFlix is the next evolutionary leap from the Precision Medicine Professional Development (PMPD) platform, marking a new era of comprehensive education in the realm of precision health.

Designed to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare education and the cutting-edge advances in precision medicine, ShaeFlix is more than just a learning platform—it’s a revolutionary movement towards a more personalized, precise, data-driven approach to health and wellness.

At its core, ShaeFlix is committed to empowering healthcare professionals, fitness experts, nutritionists, and practitioners across the spectrum of wellness industries with the knowledge and tools they need to lead the charge in the precision health revolution.

By offering a vast library of sessions that cover the entire gamut of health and medicine—from food and nutrition, mental health and well-being, to exercise physiology and precision medicine—ShaeFlix ensures that every professional, regardless of their specialty, has access to the latest research, trends, and applications in their field.


On-Demand Access


The entire back catalog of PMPD specialist sessions from Dr Alberto Garoli (75 recordings since 2017)


Live sessions with Precision Health Industry Leaders Anne Larsen, Dr. Cam McDonald, Dr. Daniella Remy, and Dr. Alberto Garoli, providing real-time interaction with experts. These webinars allow for interactive live Q&A, fostering a deeper understanding of topics.


When you are unable to attend live, webinars are recorded and stored in the ShaeFlix library for on-demand access.


Where Innovation, Expertise, and Community Converge

Transform Your Learning Experience with ShaeFlix

Transform Your Learning Experience with ShaeFlix

Dive into a world where education transcends traditional boundaries, blending cutting-edge knowledge with the engaging power of entertainment.
ShaeFlix revolutionizes how you learn about precision health and medicine, transforming complex concepts into captivating and memorable experiences. Our dynamic platform ensures that each session not only educates but also inspires, fostering a passion for lifelong learning in the ever-evolving landscape of health.

Imagine having a personal dialogue with the pioneers of health and medicine.

With ShaeFlix, this becomes your reality.

Gain unparalleled insights from leading figures such as Anne Larsen, Dr. Cam, Dr. Daniella Remy, and Dr. Garoli. Each session is an opportunity to delve deep into their groundbreaking research and practical wisdom, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Engage, question, and learn directly from the best, enhancing your understanding and abilities in ways previously unimaginable.

Exclusive Access to World-Renowned Experts

Exclusive Access to World-Renowned Experts

Join a Global Community of Forward-Thinking Professionals

Join a Global Community of Forward-Thinking Professionals

Step into a vibrant, global community of professionals who share your passion and commitment to advancing health and wellness. ShaeFlix fosters a collaborative environment where members connect, share, and grow together. Through lively forums, interactive discussions, and collaborative projects, you’ll form lasting connections, find mentorship, and expand your professional network. This is a place where challenges are solved collectively, successes are celebrated, and everyone moves forward together.


Explore ShaeFlix Highlights

Take a a sneak peek into the insightful and cutting-edge content available to members.

What Health Professionals Are Saying About ShaeFlix


About The Speakers


Sample ShaeFlix Topics

Delve into topics that make a difference to the welllbeing of you and your clients.

Quantum Medicine: The impact of Quantum physics & mechanics on our biophysiology

Mental Health: Characteristics, Interventions & Approaches for different HealthTypes

COVID-19 – A Global Update in 2022 (Open to all PHA Community)

Heart Disease: Pathology, Interventions & Approaches for different HealthTypes

Chinese Medicine: Time-tested Approaches, Evidence & Modern Day Applications 

Ayurvedic Medicine: Time-tested Evidence & Modern Day Applications 

Heart Disease: Pathology, Interventions & Approaches for different HealthTypes

Metabolomics: Advances, Interventions & Outcomes in 2022 and beyond

Biological Intelligence: Integrating Science, Medicine & Technology 

Community Intelligence: Biological & Behavioural Collaboration in Society 

Human Frequencies: Evidence, Interpretation, Interventions & Possibilities

Solar & Magnetic Energetics: The Effect on our Biology and Psychology


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ShaeFlix is a digital platform dedicated to providing comprehensive education in precision health and medicine. It combines high-quality video sessions, live webinars, and a global community of professionals to offer an innovative learning experience across the fields of food, mind, exercise, and medicine.

 ShaeFlix builds upon the foundation of PMPD by expanding the content library, incorporating more interactive and live sessions, and fostering a more robust community of health professionals. It offers a broader range of topics and access to a global network of experts and peers.

The subscription includes access to all video sessions, live webinars, expert Q&A sessions, and an interactive community platform. Subscribers also receive exclusive updates and offers for ShaeFlix events.

At this moment, ShaeFlix does not have a trial period option. However, you can experience a taste of what we offer through the three free PMPD Open sessions conducted annually. You can find replays of these sessions in the PHA Community Hub by searching for “PMPD.”

New sessions are added monthly, including live webinars & replays. Subscribers receive notifications about upcoming sessions and any additions to the platform.

Yes, all live sessions are recorded and made available in the ShaeFlix library for on-demand access at any time.

ShaeFlix videos are accessible on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. All you need is an internet connection to access content anywhere, anytime.

If you encounter any technical issues, you can reach out to our support team directly via email at

ShaeFlix offers various networking opportunities through its community forum, live sessions’ Q&A, and dedicated networking events. Members are encouraged to share their experiences, seek advice, and collaborate on projects.

Yes, ShaeFlix facilitates professional growth by offering sessions that can contribute towards earning a Certificate of Attendance. These sessions may qualify for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points with your accrediting organization, aiding in the recognition of your specialized knowledge in precision health and medicine.

The monthly sessions are presented in the following order:

  • Week 1 features Dr. Cam focusing on the body,
  • Week 2 is led by Dr. Daniella Remy with a focus on food,
  • Week 3 is presented by Dr. Alberto Garoli covering medicine, and
  • Week 4 concludes with Anne Larsen discussing the mind.

The sessions are scheduled for Tuesday evenings, following the same time slot as the previous PMPD sessions.

Dr Garoli’s Sessions remain unchanged, with content, Q&A & Case Studies over 2 hours.

Every other session lasts 1 hour, consisting of 45 minutes of content presentation followed by a Q&A segment. This Q&A segment is for those who attend live or submit questions ahead of the call, ensuring interactive and engaging sessions.


Full-Spectrum Health Knowledge at Unbeatable Value