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All those things you didn’t know about your health? Now you do.

Shae's Got Your Back

Shae™ gives you simple, easy and practical advice to stay in top shape, personalized to your body, so you can make your life easy, happy and healthy – the way it was meant to be.
Results with your eyes closed

Your 24/7 Health Concierge

Shae™ uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to provide you with timely, relevant and personalized information, inspiration and motivation to accomplish all that you want and more.


Shae’s ability to measure many health data points allows for a deeper level of precision when it comes to the type of nutrition, exercise, or lifestyle intervention recommended.


Shae uses push notifications and personalized messages to prompt you to actively participate in your own care. Combining this 24/7 level of support alongside the work of a PHA trained health professional helps to increase overall adherence and results.


Shae processes many different factors that may influence disease so that action can be taken to prevent, or recognise disease in early stages.


Shae’s advanced algorithms can identify risk factors associated with genes and other predictive data points to be able to plan for the potential of disease in advance. Insights gained allow Shae to inform an individual of the preventative lifestyle measures, such as the types of foods to eat, exercise regimes, and stress management techniques to use.  

Up to date and in your pocket

Change is the Only Constant

Life is always changing and Shae™ keeps pace.

Shae™ calculates real-time solutions in every moment. Don’t try to be the healthiest version of you…. Just Be It.

Trusted by Health Professionals Worldwide

Trusted by Health Professionals Worldwide

Suitable for everyone

Accessible. Affordable.

Easy To Use.

Keep Shae™ on your connected device and use your Virtual Health Assistant to get- and stay- healthy without even thinking.

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Support for you in every day

Just Another Health App?
Far From It.

Shae™ is here for you – to support your specific body 100% of the time. From the moment you wake-up til you rest your weary head, and even as you sleep.

Your Precision Health Assistant

Wherever you or your loved ones are in the world, you can rest assured that Shae™ is working to keep you healthy. Whether it’s the seasons changing, a storm brewing or even a higher pollution count, Shae™ takes care of you and yours.