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The Science & Technology of Personalization in the Fitness Industry

Interview with Dr. Cam & Kyle

Join Fitness Consultant Emma Masters as she quizzes Precision Health CEO & COO Dr. Cam and Kyle on the evolution of personalized health technology and the applications within the fitness industry.
All those things you didn’t know about your clients health? Now you do.

Shae's Got Your Back

Shae™ gives you practical advice, personalized to your clients' unique biology. Make precise clinical decisions and get to the root cause of your clients problems in less time, so that you can provide greater outcomes and overall care.
Results with your eyes closed

Your 24/7 Health Concierge


Shae’s ability to measure many health data points allows for a deeper level of precision when it comes to the type of nutrition, exercise, or lifestyle intervention recommended.


Shae uses push notifications and personalized messages to prompt clients to actively participate in their own care. Combining this 24/7 level of support alongside the work of a PHA trained health professional helps to increase overall adherence and results.


Shae will factor many different factors that may influence disease so that action can be taken to prevent, or recognise disease in early stages.


Shae’s advanced algorithms can identify risk factors associated with genes and other predictive data points to be able to plan for the potential of disease in advance. Insights gained allow Shae to inform an individual of the preventative lifestyle measures, such as the types of foods to eat, exercise regimes, and stress management techniques to use.  

Up to date and in your pocket

Change is the Only Constant

The lives of your clients are always changing and Shae™ keeps pace.

Shae™ calculates real-time solutions in every moment, adapting health outputs such as nutrition plans to suit your clients individual needs based on changes to their current state of health, body composition, age and even environmental factors such as season change.

Trusted by Health Professionals Worldwide

Trusted by Health Professionals Worldwide

Suitable for every one of your clients

Accessible. Affordable.

Easy To Use.

Integrate Shae seamlessly into your coaching business, clinic or medical practice. Shae’s non-invasive assessment technology means you can provide personalized and precise health interventions without the need for blood or saliva testing, in person or online.

Support for you in every day

Just Another Health App?
Far From It.

Shae™ is here to support your clients and your business. From the moment you wake-up til you rest your weary head, and even as you sleep, in all areas of life.
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Your Precision Health Assistant

Wherever your clients are in the world, you can be rest assured knowing that Shae is working around the clock to keep your clients health on track. Whether it’s a change of location, stressful event or results have started to plateau, Shae will track, measure & provide real-time updates to look after your clients on the go.
Future-proof your career

Who Is Shae For?

Independent Health Professionals

Independent Health Professionals

Gyms, Clinics and Medical Practices

Gyms, Clinics and Medical Practices

Enterprise Level Organizations

Enterprise Level Organizations

It's time to work with Shae

Let Shae Support Your Business

Join thousands of Health Professionals around the world making the switch from generic to personalized through leading precision health technology.
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