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Shae Practitioner License (Level 1 Trial – Foundation Member)

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From: $97.00 / month with a 6-week free trial


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This license has a 6 week free trial and will automatically switch into a membership unless cancelled in advance. It is your responsibility to manage your membership.

Silver: Up to 5 members

Gold: Up to 25 members

Platinum: Up to 50 members

Cancellations, Upgrades and Downgrades

Once purchased, you will receive an email with your PHA shop account details, subject heading: ‘Your Precision Health Alliance account has been created!’ Please ensure you follow the prompts to finalise your account set up by creating your password.

Once completed, to access your subscription please go to your PHA Shop Account. Here you can manage your subscription, including cancelations and upgrades if you reach your client limit.

No lock in contract

Please allow 5-7 days for changes to take place in your system and factor this time frame into your decisions if needing to upgrade.

To downgrade you must have the appropriate number of active licenses for the downgrade and cancel any additional active licenses. You will not be able to downgrade until this has been set up.

Your subscription can be canceled any time, please allow 7 days for this to take effect.

Please note: You can only upgrade/downgrade your subscription once in the calendar month.

NO REFUNDS are provided for a late cancellation or lack of use of your license.

Shae Practitioner License

Silver, Gold, Platinum


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