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“After completing the Level 1 course, I’ve not only expanded my nutrition knowledge but also successfully transitioned into a wellness coaching career. It was the catalyst I needed to turn my passion for health into a thriving profession.” 

“Enrolling in the Level 1 course was one of the best decisions of my professional life. It equipped me with the tools and knowledge to not only advance my career but also to make a real difference in people’s lives through nutrition.”

“This course was a game-changer for me; it laid the foundation for my nutrition consulting business. Within months, I was confidently helping clients achieve their wellness goals, thanks to the comprehensive curriculum and practical insights.”

“I was hesitant about making a career change, but the Level 1 course made it clear I was on the right path. Now, I’m not just a nutrition coach; I’m an advocate for healthier lifestyles, empowered by the solid education I received.”

What's Involved?

Our course, guided by world-leading Precision Health & Epigenetic Experts, takes you through the Education, Immersion, and Integration phases.

Expand your toolkit, enhance your professional skills, and revolutionize your connections. Sign up for the next Precision Nutrition Level 1 intake today!

Nutrition Professionals consistently tell us: “Once you experience this, life will never be the same!”

What Will I Learn?

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Who are my Instructors?

Dr Cam McDonald

Dr Cam McDonald

CEO, Precision Health Alliance

Dr Cam McDonald started as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Practicing Dietitian and completed his PhD with a focus on both in chronic disease prevention. He is a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and is an international leader in the application of precision & personalized health. Currently, he is the CEO of the Precision Health Alliance – a world leading organization focussing on the education of health professionals in the use of precision health principles and technology. He educates companies, health professionals and the general public alike on the impact of the environment on physical and mental health and disease, and the role technology has in optimizing healthy behavior change.  Dr Cam’s ability to simplify the complexity of health principles, infuse hope and stimulate action is motivating and inspiring. The combination of science, down-to-earth humour and elegant simplicity of truth makes him relatable and a must attend speaker.

Anne Larsen

Anne Larsen

Educator & Therapist

Anne has spent the last 35 years passionately exploring the optimization of successful change in people’s lives, and now specialises in behavioural epigenetics. She’s a trained Mental Health Social Worker, Family Therapist, Narrative Therapist and Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, who has worked extensively with individuals, couples and families. 

Since 2016, Anne has collaborated with a global and leading team of experts in precision health and medicine. She has developed world class evidence-based courses and resources to support the implementation of precision nutrition and the associated coaching necessary to best support individuals. Her depth of knowledge, understanding of biological differences in individuals on a physiological and psychological level allow her to provide strategies that actually cut through to the client. Food and food behaviors are influenced by emotions, thus Anne’s expertise allows nutrition and health specialists to give control and freedom back to their clients.

Why is the Precision Nutrition Course my career game-changer?

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Master precision nutrition for impactful client results.

Specialized Knowledge:

Earn a valuable certificate and set yourself apart in the field.

Future-Proof Your Career:

Ignite opportunities, integrate effective AI tools, & make meaningful impact.

Join the course, get certified, and transform your career! And we’re pretty sure you’re going to complete this course feeling inspired and motivated by the incredible global Health Professionals Network you’ll be a part of too!


We offer a 30 day “Better than your Money Back” guarantee = If you don’t get a personal result using the ai-technology after 30 days of following the recommendations, or are unhappy with your full course experience, we will refund you AND let you keep your membership for a year*!

*Full terms here

Course Overview

When you sign up, you receive an email with your course details, including log in details to your eCourse platform. 

The course offers a hybrid of self-paced eLearning and live and interactive calls. Over the 8 weeks, you’ll receive:

Over the 8 weeks, expect a total of 42 hours of learning – 11 hours of self-paced study, and 29 hours of live facilitation.

4 Phases of Precision Nutrition Education over 8 weeks

The PHA level 1 course is the entry point for nutrition coaches, nutritionists and dieticians who seek to deliver a deeper level of personalization in nutrition & lifestyle programming through precision health education and the latest assessment technology. 

The course consists of 3 key phases of learning over a total of 37 hours.

  • Pre-Learning self-paced modules
  • Live Kick Off call
  • Learn the fundamentals of main branches of precision nutrition
  • Understand how the whole environment influences our genes
  • Recognize relevant biology-based interventions for specific cohorts of population
  • Access your unique precision health profile
  • Live Weekend Conference
  • Deepen your understanding of precision nutrition principles
  • Uncover your unique coaching and/or service delivery style
  • Experience the latest in ai-driven health professional support technology
  • Expand your toolbox with manual and ai assessment tools
  • 6 x Live 45mins calls 
  • Apply precision health principles to your immediate lifestyle
  • Experience the latest ai-driven precision nutrition technology
  • Receive Business, Sales and Service Packaging Mentoring support
  • ½ Day Live Weekend Workshop + 6 x 60mins Live Calls
  • Learn and apply the latest in evidence-based client relationship management techniques and advanced behavior change/coaching skills
  • Join the Health Professional Community Referral Network
  • Mentoring & Business Support
  • Become an endorsed PHA Health Professional
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