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What you can expect

The Future of Nutrition Science

Precise Nutrition

 An individual’s response to a food or nutrient varies considerably compared to another. This difference is related to the genetic profile, hormonal influences, circadian rhythms, current health status, activity levels and even the climate and their current geographical location. Understanding the appropriate food and nutrients for the individual to experience the optimal change in their health and function is the future of personalized nutrition.


It is now possible to calculate an individual’s nutrient requirements and create a list of foods that are taking into account the majority of the variables that are associated with their health. Genetics, hormones, activity, stress, disease state, digestive function, disease predispositions, geography and climate can be reconciled with exact foods, food preparation methods, meal timing and recipe generation through the use of technology. While it is incredibly complex, this information allows the practitioner to spend less time in program preparation, and more in client care, rapport and education.

Smart Nutrition AI

Shae is the world’s leading AI-driven precision health technology that uses machine learning and detailed evidence-based algorithms to calculate an individual’s phenotype. With live data of over 80,000 individuals being entered over the last 2 decades, the platform is able to precisely define an individual’s biological variation and account for it across many important lifestyle factors, including nutrition.


What you need to know

The Course

The PHA level 1 course is the entry point for nutrition coaches, nutritionists and dieticians who seek to deliver a deeper level of personalization in nutrition & lifestyle programming through precision health education and the latest assessment technology. 

The course consists of 3 key phases of learning over a total of 37 hours.

Self-paced online learning modules introducing the concepts, principles, philosophies and science behind the relevant stream. 10 hours of self-paced learning. 5 Core Modules consisting of 40 key lectures.

Live interactive workshop focussed on the application of personalization concepts and principles into clinical practice, with particular experiential learning focus on relevant case studies and patient scenarios 2 x 6 hour live workshops

Facilitated online learning modules and weekly calls to empower health professionals with Advanced Mastery regarding the application of true personalization into their relevant stream 6 x 90 min workshops, 6 modules, consisting of 33 key lectures over a 6 week period.



Shae’s non-invasive assessment technology means you can work with clients online or face to face, 1-1 or in groups.

The simplicity of application combined with the PHA level 1 education allows you to conduct fully personalised nutrition sessions, and group programs at greater scale and accuracy than ever before.


Just as individuals have different nutrient requirements, they think differently also, and both of these things can now be predicted and utilised for the clients’ benefit.

The course will provide resources and processes to learn how to integrate both Shae technology and proven precision behavioural change strategies to help you develop faster and deeper rapport, better adherence and overall more consistent results.


Additional education in personalized movement, sleep, stress, motivational drivers and environmental stressors. 

As an endorsed PHA Practitioner you are able to deliver support in these areas through smart health technology as well as access a network of complementary health professionals to support the client with clinical expertise in each domain of their health.

Position yourself as a leading precision health practitioner and utilize our ready-made technology and business systems so that
you can keep your attention on the things that matter.


Next Course

Phase 1: Course Starts July 22nd 

Phase 2: Live Workshop July  30th-31st, 10am-3pm (AEST)

Phase 3: 6 x Weekly Calls begins August 4th , 10am (AEST)

Early Bird:                                                    Complete

Phase 1: Course Starts Oct. 6th

Phase 2: Live Workshop Oct. 15th-16th, 11am-5pm (EST)

Phase 3: 6 x Weekly Calls begins Oct. 26th, 8pm (EST)

Early Bird Available Now US$697
(Ends 25th September)

Phase 1: Course Starts Oct. 14th 

Phase 2: Live Workshop Oct. 22nd-23rd, 10am-3pm (AEST)

Phase 3: 6 x Weekly Calls begins Oct. 27th , 10am (AEST)

Early Bird Available Now US$697 
(Ends 2nd October)

Included with your course


Meet Shae™ - Precision Health AI



Measure 10,000 health data points in minutes using your smartphone



Use AI to accurately identify your client’s health needs



Deliver individualized exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programs to each one of your clients instantly.

Course attendees receive a free personal Shae account as well as the ability to access app licensing to integrate Shae into their fitness business. Provide greater value to your clients with Shae’s inclusive precision features…

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