Precision Mental Health Masterclass

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Wednesday, 6 September 9-10am AEST

What you can expect

Mental Health Support Needs to Be Precise

It is easy to say the wrong thing when you are trying to support an individual's mental health. This Masterclass will empower you with more confidence so that you know you are being helpful and not unintentionally hurtful when supporting. The session will use leading scientific findings within the evidence base and from decades of clinical experience to give you more tools to make more of a difference with each client

Know More about Mental Health

What are the symptoms, and how can they be better understood?

What are the psychological factors that drive mental health issues?
What are the physical factors that impact mental health?

Lean on the knowledge of our incredibly experienced practitioners, the evidence, and their unique knowledge in precision mental health to be confident and empowered to be help your clients in ALL ways possible

The Practical Skills

It’s good to know theory, it’s better to actually know the words to say and the way to say them.

Even more than words, the state you hold yourself, understanding your stress and mental health is key to better supporting others.

The session will support you in checking in on you, and understanding what you are unconsciously bringing to the conversation

Everyone Needs Different Support

We know that individuals are different and so are the drivers of their mental health.

What you need to support your mental health is different from what another person needs. Do not trick yourself into thinking your solution will be good for them…it is often the opposite.

Use your story to create self-belief, and then learn to step into their shoes. All of which is incredibly easy when you understand precision health

The Valuable Takeaways - To Mental Health Mastery

On-Demand Masterclass Experience

By attending the Masterclass you will get an all-access pass to the transformative ON-DEMAND 3-part Mini-series, expertly curated by clinical specialists in precision mental health. Experience the power of in-depth learning as you delve into the heart of these critical topics.


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Step into a vibrant space where knowledge and connection converge. With your free registration, you’ll seamlessly enter the Precision Health Alliance chat forum, an exclusive platform tailored for healthcare professionals. Engage in real-time discussions, stay ahead of the curve, and find the support you need to excel in your practice.

Expand Your Professional Horizon

Your learning journey doesn’t stop with the Masterclass. This complimentary registration opens the door to exclusive offers on advanced health professional education in the realms of mental health and precision health in practice. Elevate your skills, stay at the forefront of your field, and drive impactful change in the lives of those you serve.

Continuing Professional Development Points

All major accrediting bodies will provide points/units for this event. Please contact for any queries about this

Your Expert Team

Global Expert

Dr Cam McDonald

VP Education, PHA

Anne Larsen

Dr Cam McDonald is a Global Expert in precision health,  CEO of Precision Health Alliance, leader, educator, scientist, motivator and father. Dr Cam studied and holds accreditation as an exercise physiology, accredited practising dietitian, and completed his PhD in the application of nutrition and exercise in preventing chronic disease.

He is a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and is an international leader in the application of precision health, epigenetics and educates companies, health professionals and the general public alike on how the whole environment ecosystem impacts health and disease. 

What allows Dr Cam to leave an indelible mark on the audience is his ability to simplify the complexity of health principles, infuse hope and stimulate action. The combination of science, down-to-earth humour and elegant simplicity of truth makes him accessible, relatable and one of the best speakers in precision health and epige

Anne has spent the last 35 years passionately exploring the most successful ways to create change in people’s lives and now specialises in behavioural epigenetics. She has trained as a Mental Health Social Worker, Family Therapist, Narrative Therapist and in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She has worked extensively with individuals, couples and families.

Anne has managed the operational delivery of a large mental health counselling service and provided clinical leadership and supervision to Psychologists, Social Workers, Drug and Alcohol Counsellors, Counsellors and Mental Health Nurses using reflective practice in both individual and team settings.

Anne has created and implemented relationship and emotional regulation courses with a focus on individual neurobiology and behavioural epigenetics as well as training health professionals in motivational coaching.

Become a Precision Mental Health Professional

What you need to know

The Mental Health Masterclass

Forge a career pathway that excels in supporting clients’ mental well-being. This Masterclass serves as your essential launching pad, equipping you with the tools, understanding, and compassion to provide tailored assistance and ensure individualized care.

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The next step in your learning pathway is the 2-Hour Mental Health Immersion Workshop on October 4th. Gain real-time guidance and hands-on experience in effectively supporting individuals with their mental health. Discover more details and secure your place here.


PHA Course

LIVE Half Day Mental Health Immersion:

Tuesday, October 3rd, 9am (AEST)

Available Now US$97

Phase 1: Course Starts 28th September 2023

Phase 2: Live Workshop Oct. 15th-16th, 10am-5pm (EST)

Phase 3: 10 Day Challenge begins Oct. 19th, 7pm (EST)

Phase 4: 6 x Integration calls begin Nov. 5th, 7pm (EST)

Early Bird Available Now US$697
(Ends 25th September)

Phase 1: Course Starts 29th September 2023

Phase 2: Live Workshop 14th-15th Oct, 9am-4pm (AEST)

Phase 3: 10 Day Challenge begins 20th Oct, 9am-10.30am (AEST)

Phase 4: 6 x Integration Calls begin 6th Nov, 9am-10.30am (AEST)

Early Bird Available Now US$697 
(Ends 2nd October)

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