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The Dreaded Non-Rssponder

Did you know that 30-40% of people WILL NOT RESPOND to a given health intervention?

This leaves many clients feeling stuck and frustrated by their lack of results and before long, demotivated and unwilling to continue on their health journey.

As health professionals we often don’t have much time to keep up with the continual changes in research or the conflicting information presented by different industry experts. This leaves us to continue implementing the same interventions, hoping for a different result with newer clients, all the while dreading the session with the client that no matter what, does not seem to improve.

Introducing Precision Health

 Precision health takes into account differences in people’s genes, environments and lifestyles and formulates treatment and prevention strategies based on a person’s unique background, conditions and current health status. 

Luckily, with the advances in both health technology and education in this rapidly emerging field, Precision Health can be applied effortlessly by health coaches, personal trainers, allied health professionals and medical doctors. 

This means YOU get: 


What You Will Learn

Why Precision

What Makes a Person Different [Part I]

What Makes a Person Different [Part II]

In this episode you will gain insight into the research behind non-responders and why your clients may not be achieving the results you would expect, even when following the ‘best’ protocols.

In this episode you will understand the various factors that must be taken into consideration when understanding how people differ. Including insights into the strengths and weaknesses of genetic testing, the importance of epigenetics and the quantification of ‘phenotype’. 

Following on from the previous episode, you will further understand the link between genetics, embryology, endocrinology and anthropometry. Importantly, you will see how these data points can be used to accurately assess biological individuality, disease predisposition and more. 


Assessing Biological Individuality

Precision Health in Exercise

Precision Health in Nutrition

IN this episode you will learn how to assess biological differences in a practical and easy to implement way utilizing health technology. This will allow you to bring the science of precision health into your everyday practice to deliver personalized health interventions to each unique client/patient.

This episode is specifically for Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists/Scientists as well as other professionals who want to develop a deeper understanding of precision exercise. Understand how genetics, phenomics, chronobiology and more can be applied in the exercise setting to personalize programming and improve results. 

This episode is specifically for Dieticians, Nutritionists and other professionals who want to develop a deeper understanding of precision nutrition. Understand the difference between nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics and nutriphenomics in relation to the effects of food on different people. As well as the future in personalized meal plans and food prescription. 


Dr Cam McDonald

Dr.Cam is a leader, educator, PhD scholar and internationally recognised speaker on personalized and precision health. As a key executive & education leader at Precision Health Alliance – his mission is to eliminate chronic disease and pain by 2050 whilst making ‘healthy’ and ‘resilient’ the norm. Dr Cam is an exercise physiologist, accredited practicing dietitian and a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. An experienced clinician, he is an international leader in the application of precision health in practice. Dr Cam leaves an indelible mark on the audience through his ability to simplify the complexity of health science, infuse hope and stimulate action.

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