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The Precision Health Alliance

A global collective of pioneering health and medical professionals, united by purpose, passion, vision and mission to develop major advancements in education and technology in the precision health field.

Our Vision is the elimination of preventable disease and pain on the planet by 2050.

Our Mission is to educate and drive the promotion of precision & personalized health globally to allow people everywhere the opportunity to be professionally assisted to live their healthiest life, every day.

Trusted by 8800 customers
Trusted by 8800 customers

Let's change the paradigm of health

Join a collective group of purpose-driven organizations in healthcare, technology, education and more to impact health on a global scale.

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Partner Benefits

  • From entire course curriculums to ready made modules and bite-size education snippets. Take advantage of the most pioneering health professional education on the market. 

Have an aligned audience? Promote our current products and receive a special partner ‘thank you bonus’ for supporting the growth of education in precision health.

Bring in expert educators as guest lecturers or to provide additional educational content for your team or community.

Looking for an experienced speaker for your next event? Choose from speakers with a background speaking on some of the biggest stages.

Our organisation has a focus on furthering the evidence base in applied precision health and medicine, specifically relating to:

  • Prediction of disease risk and non-response to health and medical interventions
  • CVD, T2DM (& pre-diabetes/Met-S)
  • Obesity
  • Mental health
  • Gut health, Immune function, Auto-immunity
  • Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction and more.

Access the latest AI-driven, precision health technology to provide personalized results to your team and community.

Sponsorships and collaborative opportunities on local and virtual events globally.

Aligned partnerships can benefit from connections with thousands of health professionals around the world.


Personalized Community Medicine

In the future, if each unique person on the planet is healthy and happy then we have changed world health. From where we stand today, we understand that it takes a multidisciplinary effort (a “village”) to reduce the impact of chronic disease and improve the overall health and happiness for our fellow global citizens. This is why we are empowering each other, standing and learning together as a community, to bridge the gap and inspire collaboration between a wide range of professions (community medicine) with one unified message – please take care of the unique health and happiness for each unique individual.

From the language you use, to the treatment you administer, to the way you support adherence and habit change. From nutrition programming, exercise plans and medication prescription through to mental health programs and behavioral coaching. There is a key understanding that there are no one-size-fits-all approaches when it comes to precision health and that additional care should be taken to further understand the biological, phenotypical, social and behavioral and even spiritual needs of each person as part of their precision health program.


Simply click the button to Become A Partner. You will be directed to complete a form and then receive via email instructions on how to login to the Partnership Portal and more.

There are no costs associated with becoming a PHA partner. The specifics of the partnership will be agreed upon by both parties based upon the synergies and opportunities available.

Once registered, you will be invited to the Precision Health Alliance Group, which houses event details, free education, professional resources and more. You will also find event invitation emails in your inbox as they come about! 

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