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Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More! (The Best Kept Secret in the Health Industry)

By Melinda Perkins – As health professionals, we have one job. Results.


As health professionals, we have one job. 


We’re not there to make them laugh, lend an ear, or help them pick out what to wear to that important interview.  

Yes, we may do all of that and more during our time with them, but our only objective is to get them from point A (where they are) to point B (where they want to be) in the most effective way.

The big problem we face is how to get them to walk through our door all those days in between.


The answer is simple: Make them fall in love.

Love feels great, right?

Who doesn’t want to be ten feet tall and bulletproof?

Feeling good in our bodies is a large component of love. Specifically, self-love. And  self-love plays a special role in behavior change. This is a cycle we want to feed.

 Our challenge is to help our clients feel great in their bodies so they fall in love with themselves a little more every time they walk into our workspace.


Here’s the exciting bit: it’s easy.

Most every practitioner in the health industry will address the subject of exercise with each client.

However, when we wave it away with a ‘get in some movement’ suggestion or tap them into the latest fitness craze, we’re missing a massive opportunity.

The more precisely we instruct our clients to get moving, the better they will feel in their bodies and the deeper they will fall in love with the unique human that they are. Then, they will attribute these great sensations to our protocols which will keep them coming back for more. 


Here’s the question:

What is the optimal movement practice for each person to feel great in their body? The answer is in precision. The more we know about the biology and psychology of our clients, the more precise our interventions become. Even if fitness isn’t the main focus of your practice, a simple look behind the words our clients speak reveals a world of information.

Listen up.


“I don’t lift weights because I don’t want to get big, ugly muscles.”

We’ve all heard it, but do we know why? Actually, some bodies do not like to feel heavy. They engage with exercise and movement techniques that make them feel lighter and stronger, providing mental and physical stability. Because these people spend so much time in their head, they crave the interoception of movement to actually feel themselves. For them, activities like yoga, martial arts and aerial fitness are going to help them fall in love with being in their bodies.


“I don’t have time to exercise.”

For those to whom the broad spectrum of exercise choices appears cluttered and unproductive, order and balance are love. The goal here is to craft a structure around movement. A set plan with clear steps and a challenging goal stimulates the perfect hormones in all the right ways. The more specific, the better. One exercise, one muscle group, one side, one goal at a time allows them to pour all their neural energy into the act, nail it and move on. Routine is key. Once it’s in the schedule, it’s a done deal.


“Exercise is boring.”

Unlike the more neurally-centered clients, these prefer to ‘be in’ their bodies and are always on the go. Variety is the spice of life and an abundance of spice is love. Speed triggers interest; challenge sparks buy-in, unpredictability keeps them coming back for more. Handball, parkour, or any activity that hones survival skills will make them feel alive and at home in their skin.


“None of my friends are into fitness.”

If it’s not fun and full of potential friends, it’s drudgery. Think Spin or Pump classes. They’re loud, crowded, and high energy. This is the perfect setting to ignite self-love. Those feel-good vibes ripple through this client, releasing all the perfect chemicals in unison. They feel great, which makes others feel great, which makes them feel even better! It is wins all around when this client finds love!


“My family needs me.”

We all know the one who has a house full of their kids, other people’s kids and their family is always calling or texting them even during our sessions. They are the rock in everyone’s world, so they never have time to take care of themselves. That’s why the key to helping them feel great in their bodies is involvement. When we can get the troops on board with the goal, everything works. “C’mon Mom, it’s time for our walk.” That’s all they need to feel great in their skin and begin to fall in love with themselves. Invite the family, friends, kids along for the journey. Make it a family affair and they will love themselves and YOU!


“I’ve tried everything, I don’t like any of it.”

It’s all hard for this client. And hard is their enemy. Comfort and pleasure are the key to love. They have super strong bodies, like to feel grounded by lifting heavy weights, but any soreness they feel will register as a fail and they will quit. Workout regimes that allow adequate time for flushing out the metabolic waste, coupled with lengthy warmup and cooldown routines will ensure these people love moving in their bodies. 


In short: The human body is built to move. 

What type of movement each body craves is specific. When synergy between body, mind and movement is achieved, we love it! Love is a gateway to successful results. 

Results are our mission.

Give it a try.


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