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The Ultimate Combination

Welcome to a new era of health care! As an owner of an EE System, you are at the forefront of energy-based health treatments, helping clients rejuvenate, heal, and balance their body's natural energies. However, what happens after they leave the room? How do you ensure the continued effectiveness of your treatments in their everyday lives?

Integrating Shae’s Precision Health Technology with your EE System offers a comprehensive solution that extends the care you provide into every aspect of your clients’ lives. With Shae, you can offer personalized, data-driven guidance that helps maintain and enhance the benefits of your EE sessions. This isn’t just about health care—it’s about total life care.

Extend Care Beyond the Clinic

Continuous health monitoring and personalized guidance keep the benefits of EE Systems active every day.

Increase Client Engagement

With daily health insights and actionable advice, your clients will feel supported every step of the way.

Boost Your Clinic’s Potential

 Add a lucrative revenue stream while providing unmatched value to your clients.


Beyond the Session: Total Health Management

At the core of every EE System is the transformative power to enhance cellular health, balance physiological functions, and elevate overall wellness. While EE Systems provide remarkable benefits during sessions, the journey to sustained health extends far beyond our clinic doors. That's where Shae steps in, complementing and extending the healing frequencies initiated by your EE System to every part of your client's life.
Sustaining Energy Levels and Mood Enhancements

EE Systems are exceptional at elevating mood and energy through balancing the brain’s hemispheres. Shae supports these improvements by advising on lifestyle habits that maintain this balance, such as sleep patterns, stress management, and more.

Supporting Immune Function and Detoxification

After stimulating the immune system and detoxifying the body in your EE sessions, Shae continues this support by recommending specific nutritional inputs and activities that enhance and prolong these effects.

Pain Relief and Long-Term Comfort

EE Systems can provide significant relief from pain. Shae builds on this by offering personalized advice on body mechanics and activities that align with each individual’s health profile.

Tailored Wellness Beyond the Session

While EE Systems work on an energetic level, Shae provides the biochemical customization that individuals need to support the energetic healing. It delivers precise, personalized health recommendations based on real-time data from the user’s daily life.

Daily Life Impact

Post-EE System sessions, clients return to environments and routines that may counteract or diminish the benefits of their treatments. Shae ensures that the gains from each session are not only preserved but also built upon through personalized health insights and recommendations.

Comprehensive Health Management

Shae offers guidance on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress management—key factors that influence overall health and can either enhance or undermine the effects of EE System treatments.

Behavioral Change Support

Changing habits and maintaining new health practices can be challenging. Shae provides ongoing support and motivation, making it easier for clients to make and sustain beneficial changes that complement their EE System treatments.

Empower Your Clients with Shae's Cutting-Edge Precision Health

While EE Systems target health at an energetic level with impressive results, Shae Precision Health Technology provides the necessary tools to ensure these results are maximized and sustained. By analyzing thousands of data points, Shae offers a full suite of features designed to tailor health advice specifically to each individual’s needs, creating a perfect synergy with your EE System treatments.

Shae's Precision Features

Unlimited Access to Shae – Your Intelligent Health Assistant

Shae acts as a 24/7 health assistant, providing real-time, data-driven recommendations tailored to each individual’s unique health profile.

Personalized Health Library and Customized Meal Plans

Access to over 25,000 healthy recipes and a weekly meal planner that adapts to dietary needs, allergies, and preferences to support optimal health.

Tailored Exercise Regimen

Over 3,500 scientifically-backed exercises and personalized strength training programs, including streaming cardio classes, yoga, and flexibility sessions that align with each client’s health status and goals.

Mindfulness and Environmental Health Tips

Daily mindfulness exercises and environmental health tips to improve mental and physical well-being, crucial for maintaining the balance achieved in EE System sessions.

Health Tracker and Step-by-Step Guidance

An intuitive tracking system that monitors health progress and provides step-by-step guidance to ensure users stay on track with their health goals.

Natural Genius Tools and Social Community Support

Tools that help unlock each individual’s ‘natural genius’ through personalized advice on focus, productivity, and social interactions, complemented by access to a global supportive community.

Daily Personal Health Notifications and Siri Voice Integration

Personalized notifications remind users about health-promoting activities and allow for hands-free interaction via Siri to maintain health routines effortlessly.

Maximize Your Clinic's Potential with the PHA Clinic License

Your commitment to providing exceptional care through EE Systems can be further enhanced with the Precision Health Alliance (PHA) Clinic License. This license is not just an add-on; it's a strategic investment that aligns perfectly with your goal of offering holistic, personalized health solutions.
Highly Profitable Investment

Experience an impressive return on investment with margins ranging from 300-1000% in the first year alone. This dramatic increase in profitability is driven by the added value Shae brings to your clients, encouraging longer engagement and higher satisfaction rates.

Affordable For Clients

Provide top-tier health management services for less than the cost of a weekly coffee. This affordability makes the service accessible to a broader range of your clientele, increasing uptake and regular use.

Flexible Integration Options

Whether integrated as part of EE System packages or offered as a standalone product, the PHA Clinic License is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your clinic’s specific needs and existing services.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

Gain access to promotional materials, dedicated support from the PHA team, and marketing strategies tailored to enhance your clinic’s visibility and appeal. These resources are designed to streamline your introduction of Shae to your client base.

Training and Certification Opportunities

Enhance your team’s expertise with Express Clinic Training for a fast start and the opportunity to advance through world-leading training in precision health. Optional certifications, such as the PHA Level 2 course, are available to become certified Health and Wellbeing coaches.

Access to Advanced Tools and Features

Utilize advanced features and tools that come with Shae, including detailed health analytics, personalized client management systems, and continuous updates driven by the latest in health technology research.

Simple Steps to Enhance Your Clinic with Shae

From registration to implementation, we guide you every step of the way.

STEP 1 – Register for Your PHA License

Start by filling out the registration form below. Provide basic information about your clinic, such as your business name, number of members, and how long you’ve been operating.

STEP 2 – Book Your Onboarding Call

Once registered, you’ll receive an invitation to book an onboarding call with one of our PHA team members. This call will help us understand your specific needs and how Shae can best serve your clinic.

STEP 3 – Participate in Express Clinic Training

Prepare for your clinic’s transformation by participating in our express training. This training covers everything from the basic features of Shae to advanced integration strategies, ensuring you and your staff are fully equipped to utilize the technology.

STEP 4 – Promote the Arrival of Shae and Its Potential for Your Community

Tailor your messaging to highlight how this integration enhances their care and outcomes, providing a holistic approach to health that they can take home with them.

STEP 5 – Start Onboarding Clients

Begin introducing your clients to Shae, helping them register and familiarize themselves with the technology. Our support team will be available to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring a smooth transition for your clients.

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