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Doing All of the Right Things but the Scale Won’t Move? It’s Probably Not Your Fault

CEO and Education Lead, Dr. Cam Mcdonald caught up with the guys over at Vitamin C blog to discuss the future of personalised health and the reason why so many people fail with their weight loss goals, even when they are doing ‘all of the right things’. 

Whether you have noticed this with your clients, friends, and family members or even on your own personal health journey. This post is guaranteed to shed some light on why this may be and importantly, insight on what you can do about it…

Have you ever had that feeling where the health thing you are doing, or the way you are going about it, just doesn’t feel right for you?

It may have been a particular exercise at the gym, a way of eating, or even a style of meditation. It’s one of those situations where you look around at other people doing the same thing and they seem to be getting triple the benefits and enjoying it 10 times more.

And because of this, you persist – you push through assuming it’s your body’s fault, your trainer blames you for not doing the program well enough, and over time, it can lead to the opposite of inspiration to continue

The good news…it is not your fault. It has far more to do with your parents and the environment in which you developed… and this article is a tribute to you as a unique individual with unique needs that, when met, will allow you to realize your full health and potential, and love the process along the way.

To read the full article, click here and learn about: 

  • The Personalised Health Revolution
  • Shifting from Generic to Precise 
  • Real Life Case Study 1: A Personal Trainer’s Weight Loss Journey 
  • Real Life Case Study 2: Menstrual Cycle Improvements through Personalisation 
  • The Future in Precision Health 

A big thank you to the Vitamin C Blog team for having us along for the conversation.

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