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Does A.I. Spell the end for P.T?

PHA COO Kyle Riley recently spoke with fitness industry education leaders, the Australian Institute of Fitness on the future of Personal Training, check it out below.

‘Health and fitness wearables and technology have developed with such speed that personal trainers can feel threatened by the new kid on the block. By being smart in your approach to this tech, you can not only retain your role as an enabler of better health and wellbeing, but also dramatically enhance it’, writes fitness educator Kyle Riley.

The ability to capture bio-data through wearable technology and other non-invasive means, coupled with the ability of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to synthesise huge volumes of data, predict and learn at incredible speeds, has resulted in advanced fitness technology being available to us all, 24/7, on our smartphones.

These app-based technologies boast the functionality to create expertly-designed personal training programs with easy-to-follow instructions and demonstrations. Some also provide nutritional protocols that factor in genetics and a host of other biological data points to provide highly customised meal plans that go far beyond a person’s macros and calories.

Developments like this are changing the fitness industry landscape, with this level of personalisation becoming a standard expectation as clients get more familiar with the data insights made possible by fitness technology. The technological immersion enforced by the global pandemic in 2020 only exacerbated these expectations.

As exciting as these advancements are, there is a voice of concern in the back of every PT’s mind asking ‘Where does that leave us?’

Will the evolution of fitness technology make 1-on-1 personal trainers redundant? Not if we are smart. The fact is, you can’t deny its existence, and refusal to get on board the tech train risks leaving you stranded. Personal trainers have a great opportunity to capitalise on this technology to enhance the client experience.

If you would like to hear more about Kyle’s ‘5-tips to future-proof your PT business with technology’

Head on over and read the full article in the ‘fitness zone’ by our official partner, the Australian Institute of Fitness here.

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