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Become a Precision Health Professional

Learn how to use the latest AI-driven health technology combined with behavioral coaching intelligence to provide personalized results for every client.
Trusted by 8800 customers
Trusted by 8800 customers

Who Is It For?


Course Overview

The PHA Level 1 Course is a combination of self-paced study and live interactive workshops. Apply the latest research in practice as you learn how to use Precision Health Technology and integrate behavioral coaching into your business to improve accuracy, engagement, results, and outcomes for you and your clients.

By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • Identify the different sciences involved in the influence of a person’s unique development (including the links between anthropometry, embryology, endocrinology and genetics)

  • Understand how lifestyle and environmental factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress affect gene expression differently in different people.

  • Learn how to assess a client’s individual phenotype using non-invasive assessment technology

  • Provide personalized lifestyle interventions in exercise, nutrition and other important lifestyle factors as part of a precision health program

  • Apply personalized behaviour change models through foundational learning in behavioural genetics and neuropsychology to better communicate, motivate and support your clients

  • Use Precision Health Technology in your business. Learn how to insert the assessment, precision health app and health coaching technology into your services to increase your impact. 

  • Collaborate within the PHA Health Professional Network. Join a community of trained medical doctors, allied health professionals, health coaches and fitness professionals to expand your professional and referral network for greater client centered care.

Included with this course are:

  • Lifetime Access to PHA Level 1 content and learning
  • Free annual membership to Shae for personal use
  • Coach access to licensing of PHA’s precision health tech
  • Business resources for marketing, educational & coaching
  • 15 CECs Fitness Australia 
  • 20 REPs NZ
  • 1.9 CEUs NASM
  • 3.4 CECs ACE
  • Allied health and medical professionals can also claim on course hours for continuing education credits. 
Phase 1: 10 hours of self-paced learning. 5 Core Modules consisting of 40 key lectures.
Phase 2: 2 x 6 hour live workshops
Phase 3: 6 x 90 min workshops, 6 modules, consisting of 33 key lectures 
Total Hours: 37
Phase 1 (Learn) – Self paced online learning modules covering the foundational sciences of Precision Health, including:
  • An Introduction to Precision Health
  • Understanding Genetics, Epigenetics and the Phenotype
  • The Relationship between Anthropometry, Embryology and Genetics
  • Chronobiology: How Time Affects Results 
  • Neuropsychology: A Personalized Approach to Behaviour
And much more…
Phase 2 (Experience) – A live virtual interactive workshop focussed on the application and integration of precision health into clinical practice, with particular experiential learning focus on personalized health assessment, intervention and behavioural coaching. 
  • How to Assess your Client’s Phenotype 
  • How to Apply Precision Health Technology 
  • An Introduction to Personalized Nutrition
  • An Introduction to Personalized Exercise
  • An Introduction to Personalized Sleep and Biorhythms 
  • An Introduction to Personalized Stress Management
  • An Introduction to Personalized Behavioural Coaching
Includes practical sessions, breakout rooms and live coaching sessions. 
Phase 3 (Integrate) – Mentor led, blended learning combining weekly live workshops and self-paced modules. These sessions are designed to support knowledge integration, clinical application and business integration. Includes: 
  • Understanding Neurotransmitters and Behaviours
  • A Personalized Approach to Habit Formation 
  • Applying the WOOP Process in Goal Setting
  • How to Overcome Plateaus 
  • How to use Precision Health Tech in your Business
  • Assigned course mentors to guide you when applying your new found skills with clients in your business. 
Includes a 10-day Precision Health Program, facilitated by our education team for yourself and clients to take part in to see the results first hand (all included in your course fee)!

The foundations of Personalised Health & Precision Health tech are suitable for every health professional.  There is 1 Core Stream for this level.

Successful completion of this course is awarded the Level 1 PHA Certificate

Why Become A Level 1 Coach?

Precision Results

Eliminate the guesswork and provide specific exercise, nutrition and lifestyle information to assist your clients in improving their health, energy levels and body composition, all based on their unique biology – no matter what your profession!


Understand the biology behind behavior and gain insight into your clients’ natural brain function and natural strengths. Use this knowledge to provide individualized motivation, communication and support strategies for maximum adherence and retention.

Smart Health AI

Bring the world’s leading precision health assessment and AI-driven technology into your new or existing business model for added value and greater accuracy, engagement, results, and outcomes for you and your clients.

Global Community

Join the leading global network of like-minded fitness, health, and medical professionals and pioneers for client support, peer collaboration and referral access.

Additional Revenue

Provide your clients precision health through ‘Shae’, the world’s leading smart health app and increase your income stream.

Precision Tech

Let technology take care of the hard work in program design and research so that you spend more time focusing on the areas of your business you love.

Become a Leader

Make the switch from delivering generic health advice and stand out from other practitioners in your field.

Empowered Clients

AI-driven smart health advice empowers your clients and reduces your admin and followup load. Watch as Shae helps to manage your client’s behaviors and provide additional support outside of your sessions.

Virtual Referrals

As part of the Precision Health Alliance, share your expertise with new and existing clients in over 120 countries across the globe.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Our coaching framework and non-invasive technology means you can work from anywhere in the world, with clients in different countries either online or in-person.

On-Demand Education

Access the library of on-demand workshops, masterclasses and additional profession specific courses, ensuring you always stay ahead of the game with your professional development.

CEC Credits

PHA Level 1 Health Coach is industry recognised and registered with: Fitness Australia, NASM, ACE, REPs NZ. Additionally, allied health and medical professionals can also receive their respective points for the completion of this course.


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Meet Your Instructors

Your Level 1 Course gives you the essentials to pursue Precision Health from our foundation support team.

LEVEL 1 Courses Available

Courses may be run at different times of day to cater for global timezones. Please choose a course that fits with your location and schedule. All courses are virtual and conducted live.


*Call times fit APAC Timezones

Phase 1: ENGAGE
16th February 2024, 9am-10am (AEST)

Phase 2: LEARN: 
2nd – 3rd March 2024, 9am-4pm (AEST)

Phase 3: IMMERSE 
8th – 20th March 2024, 9am-10.30am (AEST)

23rd March – 12th April 

COST: US$997
Early Bird Available Now US$697


*Call times fit American Timezones

Phase 1: ENGAGE 
15th February 2024, 6pm-7pm (EST)

Phase 2: LEARN 
2nd – 3rd March 2024, 10am-5pm (EST)

Phase 3: IMMERSE 
7th -19th March, 7pm-8.30pm (EDT)

22nd March – 11th April

COST: US$997
Early Bird Available Now US$697

JUNE 2024 (APAC)

*Call times fit APAC Timezones

Phase 1: ENGAGE
17th May 2024, 9am-10am (AEST)

Phase 2: LEARN: 
1st & 2nd June 2024, 9am-4pm (AEST)

Phase 3: IMMERSE 
3rd – 21st June 2024, 9am-10.30am (AEST)

22nd June – 12th July

COST: US$997
Early Bird Available Now US$697

JUNE 2024 (AMER)

*Call times fit American Timezones

Phase 1: ENGAGE 
16th May 2024, 7pm-8pm (EDT)

Phase 2: LEARN 
1st & 2nd June 2024, 10am-5pm (EDT)

Phase 3: IMMERSE 
2nd – 20th June, 7pm-8.30pm (EDT)

21st June – 11th July

COST: US$997
Early Bird Available Now US$697


*Call times fit APAC Timezones

Phase 1: ENGAGE
23rd August 2024, 9am-10am (AEST)

Phase 2: LEARN: 
7th & 8th September 2024, 9am-4pm (AEST – Brisbane)

Phase 3: IMMERSE 
9th – 27th September 2024, 9am-10.30am (AEST)

28th Sept – 18th October

COST: US$997
Early Bird Available Now US$697


*Call times fit American Timezones

Phase 1: ENGAGE 
22nd August 2024, 7pm (EDT)

Phase 2: LEARN 
7th & 8th September 2024, 10am-5pm (EDT)

Phase 3: IMMERSE 
8th – 26th September 2024, 7pm-8.30pm (EDT)

27th Sept – 17th October

COST: US$997
Early Bird Available Now US$697


Try A Free Course Module

Register your details to access a section of the PHA Level 1 Course!


Precision Health seeks to provide a more integrative and personalized approach to both lifestyle and medical intervention. It analyses a wide range of information, such as biomarkers (including genomics and phenomics) and client generated data. It triangulates this information alongside the latest scientific literature within the context of lifestyle, behaviour, environment and medical history of the client  to inform and personalise prevention, diagnosis and treatment at an individual, cohort and population level. With the advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other health technologies, precision medicine will continue to evolve to provide greater health and wellbeing on a global scale.

Practice with precision using Shae, world leading smart health AI for your business. To find out more about how Shae works and how you can incorporate it into your practice, click here

As we plan our courses in advance and have hundreds of students taking part from around the world. We are unable to accommodate requests to cancel or transfer your registration or issue refunds outside of the stated refund policy. You can see the refund policy here

Your course fee gives you lifetime access to the Level 1 educational materials and allows you to fully practice as a trained PHA Health Professional.

If you choose to deepen your training in a particular area of Personalised Health and Medicine after the level 1 course, you will find further specialised pathways and intensive course options at additional fees that will expand your knowledge base and clinical application specifically for your chosen area.

If you would like to utilize Shae technology in your business, there are licenses available for Level 1 coaches, allowing you to use the technology with your clients and charge for access, providing you with an additional income stream.

Your confirmation email will contain access details for any of your PHA Courses, so please check your inbox! If, for some reason, you cannot find the email with your course login details, please email us at support@precisionhealthalliance.org.

Special practitioner licenses are available to those who complete the Level 1 course. This allows you to include Shae in your prices and packages and profit off your brand new precision health coaching service.

It is recommended that you plan in advance to ensure you can attend all live components of the course to make the most of your learning experience. If there are components that you cannot attend, please email us at support@precisionhealthalliance.org and a recording will be sent to you.

A key component of this course is learning how to integrate the latest health technology into your business. Our expert educators will guide you throughout the process to ensure that even the least tech savvy can utilise and apply both the education and technology with ease.

Of course! Please complete the contact form and one of our incredible team members will be in touch

  • A total of 8 weeks, including:
    • 10 hours of self-paced learning. 5 Core Modules consisting of 40 key lectures.
    • 2 x 7 hour live workshops
    • 4 x 90 min Immersion workshops,
    • 3hr Half Day workshop
    • 6 x 60 min live coaching modules, consisting of 33 key lectures 
    • Total Content Hours: 39

Yes, to ensure competency and to achieve your certificate and continuing education credits all participants must complete all of the course content, including a multiple choice assessment and recorded practical coaching session.

You will learn alongside health coaches, fitness professionals, allied health and medical practitioners. The PHA Level 1 course is the starting point in precision health education and has been designed to support a range of learning styles and levels of experience.

  • $997 USD (Full price)
  • $697 Early Bird (Check for availability here)

Payment plans are available, for more information, please email support@precisionhealthalliance.org

In order to ensure the best learning experience, access to the technology for both personal and professional use will be provided in Phase 2 of the course. This ensures that you take the time to understand the foundational learning and sciences of precision health before delving into the practical application.

Immediately! We believe the best way to gain the necessary skills is through practical application. Begin using Shae and the information you learn straight away with your clients and benefit from the expert support provided by the PHA education team.

When you complete all 3 phases of the PHA Level 1 Course you will be awarded your Certificate, entitling you to your CEC/CPD points.

Please contact us at support@precisionhealthalliance.org if you have any queries before your course begins. As you start the Mastery Series you’ll meet your Online Course Educator who is there for you every step of the way. Please also make use of the forums in Teachable for content-related questions and the Facebook Support Group for answers from your community.

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