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Proven Principles for Personalized Behavior Change

The Behavior360 Course leverages the expertise of Dr. Alberto Garoli, along with Anne Larsen and the HealthType lens to provide evidence-based strategies for strikingly effective behavior change results. Specifically designed for Coaching Professionals, this course helps you to better understand your clients motivations, triggers and what makes them jump into action. All while honing your skills and streamlining your tailored coaching.

In this course you will learn to apply the Behaviour360 model most effectively by:

Trusted by 8800 customers
Trusted by 8800 customers
Trusted by 8800 customers
Trusted by 8800 customers

Transform Lives with Personalized Behavior Change

When Coaching is part of your profession, you can now expect to achieve significant results with your clients. By the end of this course you will be able to:

Motivate your clients by understanding their specific HealthType characteristics and tailoring your approach accordingly.

Create personalized behavior change plans that are achievable and sustainable, making it easier and more likely for your clients to stick to their goals.

Use evidence-based techniques to help your clients achieve their health and wellness goals more efficiently and effectively.

Build stronger relationships with your clients, through personalized  and doubly effective coaching, leading to greater satisfaction, loyalty and retention

Establish your effective, trusted Coaching stream now.


The Course


1 session per week over 7 weeks

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Lead by Anne Larsen, Trauma Specialist


Lead by Anne Larsen, Trauma Specialist

7 weeks of Career Changing Skills

Take a deep dive into the Behavior360 model and begin to Understand the biological influences of behavior change

Continuing the deep dive, immerse yourself into the Behavior360 model, and start to recognise the biological patterns that underlie our motivations and triggers.

Focusing on creating new behaviors instead of just eliminating undesirable ones, you will learn to help your clients develop positive habits that will lead to long-term behavior change.

Identify the biological barriers for your unique clients and how to overcome them

Develop personalized calls to action and understand how to extinguish triggers for each individual client based on their biology

Develop personalized calls to action and understand how to extinguish triggers for each individual client based on their biology

Acknowledging the influence of your biology on your coaching profession, Complete the course with your newCECs in hand

Why Choose Behavior360?

Establish yourself as an effective and trusted Coaching professional by helping your clients achieve the best outcomes possible with the Behavior360 Course
Attract More Clients

Better results = Better business. Expand your reach by offering complete personalization and have your clients talking about you to everyone.

Make Your Mark

Differentiate yourself from competitors by using the person-centric holistic and personalized approach of Behavior360 to streamline and maximise your Coaching skills.

Build Success

Retain your clients by helping them to achieve the success they’ve never had before. Build strong relationships and create a loyal, satisfied client base

Increase Revenue

Attract new clients, rekindle old clients, provide better service, and retain your client base as happy, satisfied promotion gurus.

Improve Credibility

Utilise the evidence-based approach to solidify your credibility and standing as a trusted, effective Coaching Professional.

Meet Your Expert Lead


Anne Larsen

BSW Bachelor of Social Work, Cert Family Therapy

Bringing more than 35 years of experience as a Mental Health Social Worker, Family Therapist, Narrative Therapist, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy practitioner, Anne’s vast wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of behavior change helps participants to organically absorb the course content from the sessions.


Get a Taste of Behavior360

Not sure if the full course is right for you? Join the Behavior360: Behavior Change Masterclass to get a taste of the full Course experience.


Precision Health seeks to provide a more integrative and personalized approach to both lifestyle and medical intervention. It analyses a wide range of information, such as biomarkers (including genomics and phenomics) and client generated data. It triangulates this information alongside the latest scientific literature within the context of lifestyle, behaviour, environment and medical history of the client  to inform and personalise prevention, diagnosis and treatment at an individual, cohort and population level. With the advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other health technologies, precision medicine will continue to evolve to provide greater health and wellbeing on a global scale.

Practice with precision using Shae, world leading smart health AI for your business. To find out more about how Shae works and how you can incorporate it into your practice, click here

As we plan our courses in advance and have hundreds of students taking part from around the world. We are unable to accommodate requests to cancel or transfer your registration or issue refunds outside of the stated refund policy. You can see the refund policy here

Your course fee gives you lifetime access to the Level 1 educational materials and allows you to fully practice as a trained PHA Health Professional.

If you choose to deepen your training in a particular area of Personalised Health and Medicine after the level 1 course, you will find further specialised pathways and intensive course options at additional fees that will expand your knowledge base and clinical application specifically for your chosen area.

If you would like to utilize Shae technology in your business, there are licenses available for Level 1 coaches, allowing you to use the technology with your clients and charge for access, providing you with an additional income stream.

Your confirmation email will contain access details for any of your PHA Courses, so please check your inbox! If, for some reason, you cannot find the email with your course login details, please email us at support@precisionhealthalliance.org.

Special practitioner licenses are available to those who complete the Level 1 course. This allows you to include Shae in your prices and packages and profit off your brand new precision health coaching service.

It is recommended that you plan in advance to ensure you can attend all live components of the course to make the most of your learning experience. If there are components that you cannot attend, please email us at support@precisionhealthalliance.org and a recording will be sent to you.

A key component of this course is learning how to integrate the latest health technology into your business. Our expert educators will guide you throughout the process to ensure that even the least tech savvy can utilise and apply both the education and technology with ease.

Of course! Please complete the contact form and one of our incredible team members will be in touch

  • A total of 8 weeks, including:
    • 10 hours of self-paced learning. 5 Core Modules consisting of 40 key lectures.
    • 2 x 6 hour live workshops
    • 6 x 90 min workshops, 6 modules, consisting of 33 key lectures 
    • Total Content Hours: 37

Yes, to ensure competency and to achieve your certificate and continuing education credits all participants must complete all of the course content, including a multiple choice assessment and recorded practical coaching session.

You will learn alongside health coaches, fitness professionals, allied health and medical practitioners. The PHA Level 1 course is the starting point in precision health education and has been designed to support a range of learning styles and levels of experience.

  • $997 USD (Full price)
  • $697 Early Bird (Check for availability here)

Payment plans are available, for more information, please email support@precisionhealthalliance.org

In order to ensure the best learning experience, access to the technology for both personal and professional use will be provided in Phase 2 of the course. This ensures that you take the time to understand the foundational learning and sciences of precision health before delving into the practical application.

Immediately! We believe the best way to gain the necessary skills is through practical application. Begin using Shae and the information you learn straight away with your clients and benefit from the expert support provided by the PHA education team.

When you complete all 3 phases of the PHA Level 1 Course you will be awarded your Certificate, entitling you to your CEC/CPD points.

Please contact us at support@precisionhealthalliance.org if you have any queries before your course begins. As you start the Mastery Series you’ll meet your Online Course Educator who is there for you every step of the way. Please also make use of the forums in Teachable for content-related questions and the Facebook Support Group for answers from your community.

Ready to take your Coaching to the next level?

Secure your place in the Behavior360 Full Course now. Limited spaces available in this intake.