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Understanding Your Biology to Transform Your Learning

By Dr. Cameron McDonald Attention deficits, mental fog, demotivation, flow, focus and maximum productivity are all buzz words when it comes to how an individual learns. With 4000 strategies to

Creating a Great Environment to be Ready for Stress

By Anne Larsen Stress is a common and normal physical response to challenging or new situations.  It can be positive: inspirational, motivational, manageable, challenging or it can be moderate and

Why Getting to Know Your Client Matters

By Nat Howard, BA Dip Edu   It’s a pretty basic statement, yet it’s something that can be so overlooked. Getting to know your client matters. No matter what field

The “Positive Mindset” Myth

By Nat Howard, BA Dip Edu   Just as we know that you can be “too negative” – it’s equally true that you can be “too positive.”   The popular