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Break That Client Cycle: Transform New Year’s Resolutions into Reality

By Melinda Perkins –

Welcome to the New Year!

You’re rested, fueled and organized. 

You’re well-versed in the natural life cycle of the health industry.

That’s why you’re fully expecting January to go like this: 

Inspired by the chance at a fresh start and brimming with optimistic goals, your clients flock in, fill your calendar and fulfil your wildest dreams with their natural energy and enthusiasm. They’re going to join your HIIT class, wrangle those unwanted thoughts or bade sugar a final farewell as they embark on that path toward the healthier version of themselves.  

Until life happens.

Somewhere not too far down that path their attention suddenly diverts, momentum wanes and gusto gets lost. 

This is what you’ve prepped for. 

Here’s where you shine!

You’re ready to be their guide through the darkest forests, not just the brightest fields. 

What if this year you broke the cycle?

And what if it was super simple?

You can! 

And it is!

And it goes like this:

With a basic understanding of the biological and psychological differences in your clients, you’ll help them easily ride that New Year’s high all year long. Behavior change is not just about what you put on your plate or keeping a sunny outlook, it involves a complex set of mental, emotional and physical elements.

Therefore, when you speak to a client’s intrinsic nature, you won’t be harping endlessly about how often they hit the gym, instead you will be guiding them through a tailored journey transforming their resolutions into sustainable habits.

Clients come in all configurations. The first layer of understanding their unique biological and psychological characteristics comes by taking a peek through our HealthType ™ lens.

Supporting your Systematic Sensor

Sensors thrive on organization and efficiency, applying these traits to everything they encounter, including their daily habits. For Sensors, the key to longevity in resolutions lies in specifics, details, and rules. To support Sensors, incorporate your health recommendations into a simple, structured plan with clear guidelines complete with all the data to back it up. Once they check all your facts, they will adopt your program into their life and keep going. Be sure to follow-up with any additional science or statistics you find along the way that support your program. This will keep the momentum strong month after month.

Supporting the depth of your Diplomat

Diplomats seek thoroughness in all aspects of life, from relationships to career to food-related ideals. They don’t settle for superficial approaches to anything. For Diplomats, diving deep into their goals is essential and taking the time to understand, plan and implement processes will ensure success. When working with Diplomat clients, focus on gradual, meaningful changes backed by plenty of information and reflection including the impact their choices will have on others. Taking things slowly, methodically and completely will see them to success.

Guiding your Guardian

Guardians are the world’s nurturers. They are always ready to lend a hand, offer you their shoulder or envelop you in a hug. Their strong, caring nature literally is their strength but it’s also where things can get tricky. Their approach to food, mindset and other personal goals are often entwined with their desire to care for others. When things get hectic for those around them, they will lose focus on themselves. The key here is to involve those they love. Getting buy-in from their loved ones will set a super strong foundation for whatever protocol you recommend. As will continuously reinforcing the connection between good self-care and their ability to take care of others. Set up a stable framework around your Guardian and you’ll support them to a year of success. 

Completing the Loop with Your Connector 

Connectors effortlessly bridge gaps between ideas, people, and places. Their ability to make connections is their superpower and the key to their success. Your job is to connect your program seamlessly into their lifestyle by helping them see how it joins them up to new people, leads them to new places and links back to concepts and activities that excite them. They will be heavily influenced by what surrounds them, so new choices will be easy if they meet up with others in places that support the new habits. 

Meeting Your Activator in Motion

Activators are the epitome of energy in motion. They are naturally drawn to physical activities and thrive in environments where variety and dynamism are key. For Activators, the path to achieving their goals is through movement. A sedentary lifestyle is counterproductive for them. Even getting them to sit still while you explain a new tactic is less effective than shooting a few directives at them, letting them try it out and having a brief follow up. Your job is to keep them on the move by matching their dynamism with fun facts, interesting challenges and copious choices. Don’t let things get dull and you’ll have your Activator hooked on your program and knocking down those goals all 52 weeks.

Getting Purposeful with Your Crusader 

Crusaders are inherently motivated and driven by a sense of purpose. They may take calls during your sessions, constantly be rushing to or from work and may challenge anything new you present. They may seem like work-a-holics, but actually work is their happy place and should be at the forefront of their life. This is the key to any habit change. Clarity, confidence and avoiding anything that might slow them down is your job. When working with Crusaders, it’s essential to help them align their food choices, mindset, fitness and any other part of your protocol with their broader life goals. Encourage them to see how healthy choices will enhance their ability to achieve their ambitions and you’ll find them knocking down barriers and charging toward finish lines all year long.

And You Feel Great!

As a health professional, you endeavor to inspire, as well as inform each client, supporting them into their new way of life and beyond. When you speak directly to your client’s biology, you provide tailored support that empowers them to embark on a journey that’s not just about changing habits, but transforming how they relate to their health. You move beyond the surface-level and delve into the heart of what makes each client unique, addressing their intrinsic motivations and challenges. 

This approach easily takes the stereotypical New Year’s resolutions and turns them into a meaningful, sustainable new lifestyle that feels natural and empowering. 

Let this be a year where you break that traditional cycle! Celebrate yourself all year long when your clients arrive at each session with the same verve and drive as they do right after the New Year!


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