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Precision Health Alliance Ambassadors

These inspiring individuals are some of the PHA Ambassadors up to big things in the world – spreading awareness in the importance of personalization and the application of Precision Health in practice to change the future of healthcare.

Dan Winter

Bodywork Therapist and Lifestyle Architect

Denielle McKinnon

Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Coach

Jade & Larissa

Naturopathic & Physical Conditioning Experts

Nevada Thompson

Life Recovery Coach, CBT, DBT, LMT

Kerrie Fatone

Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Kate Nordin

Nutritionist & Health Coach

Michele Scherr

Health and Wellbeing Coach

Kristine Hedrick

Master Certified Transformational Life Coach

Lisa Walton

Integrative Family Well-Being Practitioner

Mike Warren

Executive Wellness Coach

Jess Sturt

Gym Owner/Manager

Eddie Lau

Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach

Susan Robbins

Epigenetic Human Performance Coach

Dacia Woessner

Nurse Practitioner BC

Mikaela Duffy


Monique Gibson

Health and Wellness Coach

Stefanie Mustac

Strategic Psychotherapist

Sharna McKay

Personalised Health Coach

Our Vision

The PHA Vision is to work toward the elimination of preventable disease and pain throughout the world by 2050.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver precision & personalised health across the globe through education and promotion allowing people everywhere the opportunity to be professionally assisted to live their healthiest life, every day.
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