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Who we are

Precision Health Alliance

Precision Health Alliance (PHA) is the world’s #1 educating body & virtual eco-system for precision and personalised lifestyle health and medicine. With a unique combination of technology and education, our health professionals hold the leading edge for the future of global healthcare over the coming years.

Personalisation is the future of healthcare – precision tailored to each unique individual using leading-edge AI-driven support.  PHA health professionals are accessing this technology now.


Our Vision

The PHA Vision is to work toward the elimination of preventable disease and pain throughout the world by 2050.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver precision & personalised health across the globe through education and promotion allowing people everywhere the opportunity to be professionally assisted to live their healthiest life, every day.

Our Values

Our company and team action our values through:

INTEGRITY: Practising a healthy, personalized lifestyle.

ACCEPTANCE: Understanding and appreciating the differences in all people.

TRANSPARENCY: Open, clear communication lines.

COLLABORATION: An inclusive space for empowered collective contribution.

INNOVATION: Identifying and accelerating natural genius.

EDUCATION: Enlightening the world to understand and work with the differences in all people.

SUPPORT: Enhancing behavior change to become effortless and simple.

Embracing Indivudality

Embracing Indivudality




Our Ethical Company

The PHA team is a virtual operation, coming together to focus on personalization and uphold our values. It is impossible to support the health of an individual without supporting the environment in which that individual lives. We understand the innate connection between humanity and nature and ensure that our company contributes to the health of the planet at the same time as the health of humanity. We do this by:
  • Supporting the local production and dissemination of organic food.
  • Using virtual workspaces enabling team members to maintain a presence within the family and cut down on commute hours.
  • Paperless administration systems.
  • The use of responsible and recyclable materials for all physical resources made for members.
  • Donating, recycling or upcycling old hardware.
  • Preferential selection of eco-friendly services and partnerships.
  • Carbon offsetting when travel plans are required.
  • Choosing investments that provide responsible, eco-friendly innovation and services.
  • Encouraging a low-carbon footprint working and home life for team and members.
  • Choosing animal meats and products (such as eggs, milk and wool) from farmers and sellers that provide ethical rearing, living conditions, collection of produce, transportation, and slaughtering of animals
  • Selecting cruelty-free home, health, beauty and wellbeing products.

Our Team

Meet our expanding Team from around the world.

Anne Larsen

VP Education

Laura Eyles

MIND Team Leader

Andrew Chadwick

Body Team Leader

Claire Akin-Smith

Body Team Leader

Dr Cam McDonald

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Daniella Remy

VP Research

Dr. Sally Price

Educator - Medical Stream Lead

Kelsi Freer

Head Facilitator

Sage Monkman

PHA Level 1 Educator

Robyn Bruce-Mullins

PHA Level 1 Educator

Zach Stumer

VP of Operations

Helen Rintoul

Community Support
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