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10 Day Challenge Hub

Your ONE STOP for all the resources you need for your 10 Day Immersion Experience with LIVE call links, webinar replays and more!
March 13-22, 2023

10 Day Challenge Official Activities

3 days before we start!

In this LIVE call, Dr. Cam McDonald, a precision health expert, will provide guidance on how to deep dive into your unique biological needs. Dr. McDonald will cover all the essential information you need to prepare yourself for this challenge

Join Dr. Cam McDonald on the LIVE Kick-Off call to discover how you can set yourself up for success in the next 10 days. Get an overview of precision health and learn how the Shae Intelligence App can empower you to live your healthiest, happiest life. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take control of your health and well-being.

Today we assist you to get started with your Shae Intelligence App.

Gain insight into what specifically causes or alleviates your stress and learn how to diminish negative stress by embracing your strengths and passions in the On-Demand Video. By utilising Shae, this session will guide you to find meaningful moments, support your flow, and decrease physical and mental stress in a way that is personalised to you.

Watch the Session Here!

Here we join Dr. Cam McDonald LIVE to share our progress. He’ll also help you lean into your new knowledge of who you can be and craft your new normal. Gone are the days of wondering if the latest fad will make you healthier! You can put all of your power into creating long-term, meaningful change that truly works for you.

Watch the Replay of the LIVE Call here! 

What a difference a week can make when you’re making changes with precision and support! You have gotten a peek into your healthiest and happiest life. During this LIVE call we will look back at how far we have come and celebrate our wins. Dr. Cam McDonald will share tips to get the most out of the last days of your challenge.

Watch the Replay of the LIVE Call here! 

During this On-Demand Video, Dr. Cam McDonald will take you through the close of the 10 Day Challenge, and into the beginning of the next phase of your health. You’ll reflect on what you now know, and how that is so different from before. Reflections, celebrations, next steps. All of these critical elements are coming together for a wonderful transition into the next phase of precision health and support.

Watch the Session Here!


Your Challenge Support Team

Delighted to be here to help maximise your 10 Day Challenge
Global Expert

Dr Cam McDonald

Dr Cam McDonald is the lead consultant for ShaeWellness, the world’s leading corporate wellness platform He is a leader, educator, scientist, motivator and father. Dr Cam studied and holds accreditation as an exercise physiology, accredited practising dietitian, and completed his PhD in the application of nutrition and exercise in preventing chronic disease.
Your Shae App Host

Bex Morrison

Bex has forged a career through Health, Wellness & Education over the past 20 years. As an the avid traveller, entrepreneur and writer, and the Co-founder of HealthTypes, Shae and ph360, her passion lies in wellness education, practicality and simplicity. Bex specializes in creating wellness products that integrate seamlessly into everyday life alongside engaging educational programs and experiences to help support the practical application of personalized health and wellness. Her intention is simply to help people be happy.

Get Ahead Of The Game

Get prepared and confident by learning the basics towards achieving healthy success. These are the videos to watch to help you on your way.


1. Check your SPAM/JUNK folder for the emails for the Challenge or if you use gmail, check your PROMOTIONS folder.

2. Notify your coach about the change to confirm that you have used the correct email address for signing up to the challenge.

3. The support team will resolve any further issues once notified by your coach.

Please download the ‘Shae: Virtual Health Assistant’ from the App Store or Google Play

1. Most login issues arise with spelling errors in the username or case sensitivity in the password. Please check these first.

2. Double check the email you are using – ensuring it was the one used to register for the challenge.

3. Let your coach know that you can’t access the app so they can pass it on to the tech team for a quick resolution!

The Dashboard will be locked until the start of the challenge, if you see a padlock before Day 1 of the challenge, be assured this is exactly what you should be seeing!

If you are having trouble seeing your Dashboard during the challenge, or your app is ‘non-responsive’ then:
1. Close the app fully, and then re-open it
2. Delete the app and then reinstall it

If this hasn’t resolved the issue, please reach out to your coach who will contact tech support for a speedy resolution

First time users will have a range of responses to their initial profile. The outputs can be surprising because they are fully personalised. Most information you are exposed to in the world  is based on ‘general’ recommendations. When the recommendations are precise, like they are in Shae, there will be some differences from the normal generic suggestions.

Secondly, cultural influence can adjust your perceptions of what is ‘normal and healthy’. When it comes to precision health, some individuals have a biological make up that does not match the overall culture. For example. some countries have an early bird overtone. If a natural night owl has grown up in an early bird culture, being told to slow down in the morning can seem awkward/difficult, however, it may be critical for this individual’s health – keeping an open mind is the best way to explore your experience with Shae!

If you feel like the profile is definitely not like you, there is a process where  Shae can capture an image of your body via the in-app  bioscan function (using your phone camera). These photos are then assessed by a representative of the Science Team and used in conjunction with the measurements to confirm your finalised profile. Please contact your coach if you would like to take this path for their assistance submitting the photos.

Firstly, you do not have to apply all of the Shae suggestions at once. You should work with your coach to determine the ‘doable’ changes that are appropriate for you and your current capacity right now.

Secondly, sometimes we are doing things in our life that are not supportive of our best health, and some of this can relate to our routines. Use the Shae app as a mindfulness maker, i.e. if you know you need a slow morning, but you feel you can’t because of all of your morning commitments, is there a way you can plan the night before and slow down internally through breathing, rather than ‘rushing’ the morning hours? In this way, you are recognising your need for steadiness in the morning, while still taking care of your duties.

Similarly, certain eating and exercising times may not match your current lifestyle. In these cases, choose the part of the intervention that you can commit to, for example, reducing your AVOID food, or aiming for 1 session of exercise at the right time each week. These small changes accumulate and also allow you to adapt what you can to your life now, and then you can address the more difficult elements of the changes later with your coach.